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Hello again. I have changed my setup and I need your help.

Black Trophy 70
Yasuni R
Dellorto 19 carburettor (Stage6 MK2 Edition)
Stage 6 HPC crankshaft
Reed Valve Stage6 R/T Viton
OEM Air filter
OEM Intake manifold
Stage6 R/T Oversize CVT
Stage6 R/T clutch bell 433
Stage6 MK2 clutch
OEM gears
Polini Transmission Cover

Which torque spring should I put ? I tried Stage6 R/T extra soft and soft but I can not achieve high speeds (only 85 kph). The belt does not run high on the variator.

I also have questions about Reed Valve Stage6 R/T Viton. Which stuffer should I put (24,26 or 28) for my setup and to use reeds like Malossi VL12 or VL14 ?
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